Call for Speaker Proposals

Thank you for your interest in being a speaker at an EPCSTL zoom program. EPCSTL is always looking for good speakers and presenters. There are several opportunities to speak at an EPCSTL zoom event.

All EPCST members and industry leaders are invited and encouraged to submit education session proposals for the various types of programs EPCSTL offers throughout the year. Please feel free to forward to non-EPCSTL industry experts who you fee would be good presenter options for EPCSTL.

Our audience are experienced Accounting, Bankers, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Trust Officers in the St. Louis Area.

EPCSTL’s primary members are bankers, attorneys, accountants, life insurance professionals, financial planners, and others in the St. Louis area.  The membership is a diverse group and includes employees from large organizations, small firms, senior staff and associate level staff members. Members attend EPCSTL events looking for information on best practices and ways to deliver more value to their careers and their clients. Find out more...