Past Events

February 12, 2024 10 Frequent Life Insurance Mistakes in Estate Planning STL CLUB
Brian Seigel, JD
January 25, 2024 Pickleball and Happy Hour
no speaker
January 8, 2024 St. Louis Practicing Scholar Series: Best Planning Ideas Case Study
Panel Elliot Dole, Michael Tessler, John Scott and Steve Gorin – Kathleen Bilderback Moderator
December 11, 2023 closed Zoom only registration after 12-5-23 Attacking and Defending Trust Assets in Divorce
Sharon Klein
December 11, 2023 Attacking and Defending Trust Assets in Divorce
Sharon Klein
November 6, 2023 GST Tax and Happy Hour Late Afternoon Event
Stephen W. Murphy (Speaker will present on zoom)
October 24, 2023 Young Professional Hike
October 16, 2023 Life Settlements: Ethical and Professional Responsibility
Jamie L. Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President Ashar Group
September 11, 2023 Understanding Blockchain and Digital Assets 2.0
Abigail Rosen Earthman | Perkins Coie LLP
September 7, 2023 Joint Happy Hour with CFA Society St. Louis
June 13, 2023 Annual Outing and Sponsor Interest
May 23, 2023 Late sign ups Extended session Part 1: Planning for Clients with Chronic Illness and Disability and Part 2: Religious Considerations of Estate Planning
Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, AEP, JD (Shenkman Law) - MAC
May 22, 2023 Extended Session Part 1: Planning for Clients with Chronic Illness and Disability and Part 2: Religious Considerations of Estate Planning
Martin M. Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, AEP, JD (Shenkman Law) - MAC
May 17, 2023 Happy Hour Membership Recruiting Event
April 27, 2023 ethics panel late pay and zoom 2ND
April 24, 2023 ethics panel late pay and zoom
April 24, 2023 STL Practicing Scholars Series: Estate Planning Ethics
Clary Redd, J.D. (Stinson); Kathy Sherby, J.D. (Bryan Cave); Michael Downey, J.D. (Downey Law Group) -- Moderator: Jason Thein, J.D. - MAC
April 12, 2023 St. Louis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Larry Katzenstein
Conductor Larry Katzenstein
March 31, 2023 STL Practicing Scholars Series: Trust Fiduciaries
Late sign ups Jack Challis, J.D. (Midwest Trust); Carolyn Ohlsen, J.D. (Lowenhaupt & Chasnoff); Samir Tayob, J.D. (Bank of America) - Moderator: Michael Foster, CTFA, AEP (Commerce Trust) - MAC
March 20, 2023 STL Practicing Scholars Series: Trust Fiduciaries
Jack Challis, J.D. (Midwest Trust); Carolyn Ohlsen, J.D. (Lowenhaupt & Chasnoff); Samir Tayob, J.D. (Bank of America) - Moderator: Michael Foster, CTFA, AEP (Commerce Trust) - MAC
February 8, 2023 Michael Kitces Trusts as Beneficiaries of IRAs and Life & Death Tax Planning for Deferred Annuities
Michael Kitces MAC Downtown Extended Session
January 30, 2023 1/23-23 late sign up for payments
Best planning ideas 1-23-23
January 26, 2023 Young Professionals Happy Hour Sponsored by Parkside Financial
Sponsored by Parkside Financial
January 23, 2023 STL Practicing Scholars Series: Best Planning Ideas for 2023
Steve Gorin, J.D. (Thompson Coburn); John Scott, CPA (Anders), Michael Tessler (BUI) - Moderator: Kathleen Bilderback, J.D. (Affinity Law Group) - Saint Louis Club
January 12, 2023 Happy Hour Sponsored by Hindman Auctions and Appraisals and YouthBridge Community Foundation
December 12, 2022 FLPs in Tax Court: Emphasizing the Discount for Lack of Marketability (DLOM)
Sonia Desai, CPA, ABV, ASA & Will Frazier, ASA (Weaver) - MAC
November 14, 2022 Cryptocurrency & Crypto Tax Returns
Zac McClure, MBA (Token Tax) - Saint Louis Club
October 24, 2022 Business Planning Strategies – Tips, Traps, and Common Mistakes in Estate Planning for Business Owners
Ann Burns J. D. (Lathrop GPM) - MAC
September 19, 2022 Preparing for the Next Congressional Tax Tsunami While Avoiding Premature Activation of our Estate Plans
Louis S. Harrison J.D. (Harrison & Held LLP) - Saint Louis Club
September 8, 2022 Happy Hour Joint Event with SLCCGP and NAIFA
June 30, 2022 Gifting with a DAF versus a Foundation - ZOOM
June 14, 2022 Annual Meeting and Golf Outing
May 16, 2022 What Now? The Strange Afterlife of Collections in person only
Rod Shene (appraiser)
April 28, 2022 Joint Happy Hour with FPA of Greater St. Louis
April 25, 2022 How to Avoid and What to do if Audited by the IRS in Person
Michael A. Gregory
March 30, 2022 St. Louis Symphony Orchestra with Larry Katzenstein
Conducted by Larry Katzenstein
March 21, 2022 Distinguishing Cognitive Competence and Decision-Making Capacity
Julie Blaskewicz Boron
February 14, 2022 FROM THE INSIDE OUT: Psychological, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Elderhood
Bruce Ross and Eileen Gallo-Ross
January 31, 2022 Missed registration deadline payments 1-24-22
January 24, 2022 Best Planning ideas for 2022 ZOOM ONLY
Panel Discussion
December 13, 2021 A Potpourri of Charitable Planning Tricks and Traps - and New Developments
Lawrence P. Katzenstein
November 15, 2021 What if Granny Wants to Gamble?
Mary F. Radford
October 18, 2021 How Tax Changes Will Impact Your Clients
Robert Keebler
September 27, 2021 New Date - Golf Outing at Top September 27
No Speaker
September 20, 2021 Mum’s the Word: Maintaining Client Confidentiality and Dealing with Ethical Challenges while Working from Anywhere and Everywhere
Jeff Chadwick
May 5, 2021 Estate Planning Council Young Professionals Charitable Giving Series - How Philanthropy Can Enhance the Estate Planning Conversation.
Mary Stahl
April 26, 2021 Fiduciary Law/Litigation, Choice of Trustee in Crisis Situations
Deborah T. Tedford
March 22, 2021 Life Insurance Tax Traps: Transfer for Value Rules and Entity-Owned Policies
Steve Gorin
February 9, 2021 Anders - In Anticipation of Dysfunction- Planning for the Difficult Beneficiary
Kathy Sherby
February 8, 2021 In Anticipation of Dysfunction- Planning for the Difficult Beneficiary
Kathleen R. Sherby
January 25, 2021 Webinar - Best Planning Ideas Panel Discussion
Steve Gorin John Scott Michael Tessler moderated by Kathleen Bilderback
December 3, 2020 A Taste of Estate Planning
Jason Main of the Wine Merchant
November 10, 2020 11-9-2020 event for those that did not register before the meeting
Mike Rubin
November 9, 2020 Webinar - The Ethics of Negotiations For Estate Planners: Are There Any?
Mike Rubin
October 19, 2020 Webinar - Leaning into Social Distancing: A Perfect Storm for Wealth Transfer
Thomas J. Pauloski, J.D.
September 3, 2020 Webinar - Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits after SECURE: The new planning landscape and what to do with existing plans.
Natalie Choate
June 23, 2020 2020 EPCSTL Annual Membership Meeting
June 23, 2020 Today’s Increasing Need For Long Term Care Planning
Wendy Boglioli (1976 Olympic Gold Medalist)
May 18, 2020 Webinar - Finding Basis - It's Not Always Where You Thought It Was
Howard M. Zaritsky
April 27, 2020 WEBINAR - The SECURE Act: Planning for the End of the Stretch IRA
Professor Chris Hoyt
March 9, 2020 Special Needs Trust vs ABLE Accounts
Martha Brown
February 24, 2020 Income Tax Update: Planning Opportunities and Pitfalls as Your Clients Prepare to File 2020 Returns
Doug Mueller
January 27, 2020 Best Planning Ideas for 2020 Panel Discussion
Steve Gorin, John Scott, Michael Tessler, Kathleen Bilderback
December 17, 2019 Young Professionals Happy Hour
November 18, 2019 Estate Planning Paralysis: Getting Your Clients to Act
Justin T. Miller, J.D., LL.M., TEP, AEP®, CFP®
October 21, 2019 Family Matters for Business Owning Families
Claudia B. Sangster
September 30, 2019 A Deeper Look At Social Security Benefits
Jody Harris
September 18, 2019 Joint Happy Hour with FPA, Society of FSP, SLCCGP
June 11, 2019 Annual Golf Outing
May 20, 2019 Life Insurance Planning After Tax Reform
Larry Brody
May 1, 2019 Happy Hour Networking Joint Event with EPC,FPA and SLCCGP
April 22, 2019 Matrimonial/Prenups/Divorce/Taxes
Carlyn McCaffrey
March 18, 2019 Estate Planning and Trust Management for a Brave New World
Hugh Magill
February 11, 2019 Charitable Planning Potpourri - New Developments and Old and New Tricks
Larry Katzenstein
January 17, 2019 Happy Hour/Networking Joint Event with SLPGC
January 7, 2019 Best Planning Ideas for 2019
Kathleen Bilderback Moderator, speakers: Steve Gorin, John Scott and Michael Tessler
December 10, 2018 Basis Bonanza — Generating Step-Up and Dealing With Consistency Rules
Clary Redd
November 5, 2018 Ethical Issues in Estate Planning
Michael Downey
October 22, 2018 An Update on 50 Years' Worth of Issues on Fair Market Value for Business Interest Transfers
Curtis Kimball
September 17, 2018 Using Your Estate Planning Toolbox to Fix Your Client’s Income Tax Problems©
Stacy Eastland
May 7, 2018 Business Succession Planning
John Brown
April 23, 2018 Selecting & Advising Trustees: A Practical Guide
Stacy Singer
March 19, 2018 It’s a Whole New Digital World: Practical Guidance for Planning and Administering Digital Property
Karin Prangley
February 13, 2018 Happy Hour
No Speaker
February 12, 2018 Best Planning Ideas for 2018
Steve Gorin, John Scott, Michael Tessler
January 8, 2018 Fiduciaries and Firearms- A Minefield for the Misinformed
Christie Schmuke
December 4, 2017 Employee Stock Ownership Plans: Latest Trends and Opportunities
Daniel M. Zugell
November 13, 2017 Evolving Trends and Changing Laws
John J. Scroggin
October 23, 2017 The Life Insurance Lapsing Policy Crisis
E. Randolph Whitelaw
September 18, 2017 Best Ideas in 2017 – What the Planner Needs to Know
Robert Keebler
June 20, 2017 Annual Outing
May 22, 2017 Estate Planning for Chronic Illness
Martin M. Shenkman
May 9, 2017 Happy Hour
Thomas Schlafly
May 1, 2017 Powers of Appointment in Today's Enviroment
Turney P. Berry
March 13, 2017 My Way: What is the Donor’s Best Charitable Game?
Stephanie Casteel
February 13, 2017 All About That Basis: 20 Ways to Obtain a Basis Adjustment at Death.
Mickey R Davis & Melissa Willms
January 23, 2017 Recent Developments in Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits
Robert K. Kirkland
December 12, 2016 Planning for the Unexpected and Retirement
Kurt A.Sommer
November 14, 2016 Oshins 11 Eleven Counterintuitive Estate Planning Opportunities and Conundrum
Richard Oshins
November 3, 2016 Happy Hour
October 17, 2016 Contemporary Life Insurance Issues plus "Quality Life Planning vs Financial Planning. Taking the IF out of Life."
Mile Halloran/Shane Westhoelter
September 19, 2016 Practical Planning for Art Collectors and Their Advisors
Ramsay H. Slugg
June 21, 2016 Annual Outing
May 9, 2016 Cruise Control - not an option Life Insurance Policies - assets that need managing
Michael Tessler
April 27, 2016 Happy Hour
April 18, 2016 Business Valuation
Pat Cooney
March 14, 2016 Federal tax law update for estate planners
San Donaldson
February 8, 2016 The Effect of Changes in Income Tax Rates on Estate Planning
Steven B. Gorin
January 25, 2016 A Financial Planners Guide to a Life Insurance Check-up
Lee Slavutin
December 7, 2015 The Impact of ATRA/Future of Estate Planning and Fiduciary Services
Charles A. Redd
November 9, 2015 Asset Protection Hot Topics: 2015 need details
Jay D. Adkisson
October 27, 2015 Evening with Conductor Larry Katzenstein
Larry Katzenstein Conductor
October 19, 2015 "Planning for an Aging Population ‐ Your Clients, Your Parents, and Someday You!"
Bernard Krooks
September 21, 2015 The U.S. Economic Outlook
Kevin Kleisen Kliesen Business Economist and Research Officer Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
May 18, 2015 Portability, Prenups and Post-Atra Planning
Edward F. Reilly
April 20, 2015 Estate and Gift Tax Issues and the IRS
Michael Gregory
March 30, 2015 Structuring Trusts and Trust Design Strategies
David A. Handler
February 23, 2015 Using ESOPs in Ownership Succession Planning
Geoffrey PeConga
January 26, 2015 Income Taxation of Life Insurance
Larry Brody and Don Jansen
December 15, 2014 Why Smart People Do Dumb Things
Nancy B. Rapoport, JD
November 17, 2014 Post-election update with emphasis on estate, gift and income taxes
Ron Aucutt
October 20, 2014 Trust, Trusts and Annuities
Pettus (Pete) Gibbons
September 22, 2014 The 201 Best & Worst Planning Ideas for Your Client’s Retirement Benefits
Natalie Choate
May 12, 2014 Charitable giving
Larry Katzenstein
April 28, 2014 Understanding Safe Withdrawal Rates: Mechanics, Uses, & Caveats
Michael Kitces
March 24, 2014 Tax controversy work- audit proof your transactions
Stephanie Loomis-Price
February 10, 2014 To Dream the Impossible Dream – Lawyers and unwaivable conflicts
Bradley Winters
January 6, 2014 rescheduled 1/28/14 - Recent Developments in Estate Planning Update
Stanley Johanson
December 9, 2013 Challenge Your Selling- Unseat Comfort Zone
Donna Schumell
November 18, 2013 The ATRA-Math Estate Planning After the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
Tom Pauloski
October 21, 2013 Demographics of Longterm Trusts - Design, Growth, and Management
Hugh Magill
September 23, 2013 The Mathematics of Estate Planning
Robert Keebler
May 13, 2013 Trust Modification & Change of Situs
Margaret E.W. Sager, Esquire
April 22, 2013 Busting Pension Myths: Why everything you think you know about Qualified Plans IS ALL WRONG!
March 18, 2013 Pixar For Estate Planners: Animating Your Practice Through Social Media
Louis S. Harrison
February 11, 2013 Opportunities and Obstacles in Trust Decanting
Charles A. Redd
January 14, 2013 Getting Family Business Owners Off the Dime: How to get them started on Estate/Succession Planning
Eric A. Manterfield
December 10, 2012 Economic and Financial Market Outlook post the 2012 Election
Scott Colbert
November 19, 2012 The Beneficiary Defective Inheritor's Trust - Passing the Pipe Line Dream
Michael W. Halloran
October 22, 2012 Cycles of Popularity of Life Insurance
Ben G. Baldwin, Jr., CLU, ChFC, CFP®, AEP
September 24, 2012 Section 529 College Savings Accounts: A Decade Without Final Regulation
Susan T. Bart
June 5, 2012 Annual Outing
May 14, 2012 Where Estate Planning and Asset Protection Intersect
Jonathan Blattmachr
April 23, 2012 Tax Efficient Disposition of Qualified Plans and IRA's
Kathy Sherby
March 19, 2012 How Revocable is Irrevocable
Skip Fox
February 13, 2012 annuities-When the ywork, When they don't work, How they work.
John Olsen
January 9, 2012 Fresh Exit Strategies for Business Owners
Steve Gorin
December 19, 2011 So You Want to be a Philanthropist (Pros and Cons of Donor Advised Fundsand other issues)
Chris Hoyt
November 14, 2011 Multi-Generational Wealth-Care Planning After TRA 2010
Ray Odom
October 17, 2011 Impact of Family Dynamics and Family Governance Structures on Estate Planning
Marc A. Silverman, PhD
September 19, 2011 The $5 Million Exemption: What's an Estate Planer to do?
Bernard A. Krooks
June 7, 2011 Golf Tournament
May 9, 2011 Creative Estate Planning Ideas
Ellen K. Harrison
April 4, 2011 Executive Benefits Made Easy
Stephen B. Parrish, JD, CLU, ChFC, RHU
March 7, 2011 Current Developments in the Limitations of Limited Liability Entities
Christopher M. Riser
February 7, 2011 Highlights of Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning and Review of Estate Planning Current Developm
Steve Akers
January 10, 2011 IRS Valuation Policies
Robert Cimasi and Michael Gregory
December 13, 2010 Current Estate Planning Developments
Jeffrey N. Pennell
November 15, 2010 Getting Money Out of the Family Business
Farhad Aghdami
October 18, 2010 Funding Estate Tax Liabilities: Exploring Graegin and 6161
Stephanie Loomis-Price
September 20, 2010 Fiduciaries: Are You One and What Does That Mean?
Ron A. Rhoades, JD, CFP and Michael P. Downey
May 10, 2010 The Quiet Revolution in Trust Law: An Empirical Assesment
Robert H. Sitkoff
April 19, 2010 What's Hot & What's Not!
Steve Leimberg
March 29, 2010 Retirement Planning
Virginia Coleman
February 8, 2010 Buy Sell Agreement Model
Nancy Schmidt Roush
January 11, 2010 FIFTEEN YEARS OF SALE TO IDITS -Where are we now?
Michael Mulligan
December 7, 2009 Changes on the Horizon-Planning Update
Blanche Lark Christerson, Managing Director Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management
November 9, 2009 Current Developments Affecting Charitable Planning and Technology
Roger Schumaker
October 19, 2009 Discretionary Trust from the perspective of the professional Trustee
Susan Porter
September 14, 2009 Update of Life Insurance Developments for Estate Planners in 2009
Lee Slavutin
June 2, 2009 Golf Tournament
April 20, 2009 Legal and Economic Comparisons of GRATS and Installment Sales of Grantor
Diane Zeydel
March 23, 2009 Recent developments affecting estate and financial planning, including the status of federal legisla
Dennis Belcher
February 9, 2009 IRS Audits - The Inside Perspective
Rob Stienjes and Tom Pliske
January 12, 2009 Ethical Consideration
Brad Winters
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